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Why SEO?


Organically ranked websites take away 90% of the Google Search Traffic


Organic users spend 10 times more time on the website than Paid Traffic


Organic Users have a higher intent and conversion rate than any other traffic medium


Organic traffic is free

Google is the go to place today for all sorts of queries – be it personal or business oriented. Search Engine Optimization is basically increasing traffic to your website by targeting certain queries most relevant for your business.

SEO helps drive targeted audience to your website from search engines. It is a calculated move to improve the online visibility of your business by ranking your website better on Google Search Results page for relevant keywords.

You might want to know what goes into SEO? It is the right amount of traffic of the right kind at the right time- which you don’t need to pay for! But how does that magical list of absolutely spot-on list of references appear on your search engine as soon as you type (or speak of) a question?

We cracked this code. We learn, practice, improvise, experiment and strategize. We come with years of expertise and are successfully generating over 100k sessions a month for our existing clients. That’s what makes us the best SEO Agency in Mumbai.

SEO is a science of relevance and SEO tactics evolve very frequently. We stay relevant. We stay updated. That’s what makes us the best SEO Agency in Mumbai.

Why Apptroid for SEO service?


Because SEO is chaos and we love chaos. Being engineers, solving chaos comes naturally to us. We ensure consistent delivery of On-Page and Off-Page strategies for your website.

Being a prominent SEO agency in Mumbai, we blend in technical and creative expertise to develop campaigns for businesses that are ready to grow their online presence.

Apptroid is a full stack digital marketing agency in Mumbai. We generate successful campaigns, even in the most competitive sectors.

Do get in touch and take your marketing efforts to another level by hiring one of the best SEO agency in Mumbai.

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What our clients say


Advaita Vazirani

Editor in Chief (Travel Food & Wine)

Working with the Apptroid Technology team was very easy and efficient. Tushar was very helpful and mindful of the design look that I wanted and the website came out so perfectly. The service was great, everyone was very friendly and response time was quick. I would definitely recommend their work and I am very happy with the experience and my website.


Rahul Thackeray

MD & Creative Head (Mukkti Foundation)

Team Apptroid has not only shown a great understanding of the web development space but a good acumen towards good aesthetics and design overall. Tushar Hadawale as team leader has ensured that we are happy with the outcome and has worked extremely hard to ensure personal attention to each of out two websites for Mukkti Foundation and Mukkti Cultural Hub. Now were working together on the growth on social media. I highly recommend this team for your next Website and SEO needs.


Rajendra Sawant

CEO (S.Rajendra & Co.)

The Apptroid team is very committed to providing fast and customer oriented service. I am really happy with their service, it is exceptional, these guys are always available when needed.


Sanket Deshpande

CEO (Catalyst Partners)

I am extremely happy with the service and support from apptroid, thank you for giving us a great website and completing our work within timelines.


Shashikant Hadawale

CEO (Millennium Logistics)

After meeting with Tushar (Apptroid) quite a few years ago and discussing our plan for a new website our search was over! We have been pleased over and over again with their talented and knowledgeable team of experts.


Pallavi Kharkar


Great Support by  apptroid team